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FanFiction.Net History Timeline


  • On October 15 of this year, FanFiction.Net was founded by Xing Li. The repercussions of the founding of this archive would be felt for years to come as a certain amount of fannish terminology and discussion, posting habits, centralization of small fan fiction communities revolve around the site.


1998 to 2002



  • On September 4, “Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown” by Gypsy became the first Harry Potter fan fiction posted to FanFiction.Net, what was to become the largest archive of Harry Potter fan fiction on the net.





  • 2000 was the year of FanFiction.Net. The site reached a point where it is an archive utilized by many fan fiction archives as their primary source. People began the referring to feedback as reviews. Discussion about quantity of feedback turns to number of reviews. Some fan fiction communities seemed to be populated by fan fiction novices obsessed with the quantity of reviews.





  • FanFiction.Net Cease & Desisted by Anne Rice.
  • By 2001, among other reasons, FanFiction.Net made age discrimination almost impossible if you wanted to get new material.
  • In March, Harry Potter AuthorFic category was removed from FanFiction.Net.
  • On June 22, Cassandra Claire was blacklisted from FanFiction.Net for plagiarism. Among the sources she inserted uncredited material from in her stories were Red Dwarf, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Black Adler, and Pamela Dean's novels.
  • On June 23, Cassandra Claire's supporters react with a certain degree of rage on various mailing lists and message boards. Other fan fiction communities go "Huh? What's going on?“
  • On June 24, FanFiction.Net Admins on FFN-Writers mailing list told Cassandra Claire's fans that the Cassandra Claire case was investigated. Then the admins asked them to move on.
  • Prior to the release of the first movie, there were 197 Lord of the Rings stories posted to FanFiction.Net. Fifteen stories or seven percent of these were slash.
  • Between December 18 and the end of the year, FanFiction.Net’s total number of Lord of the Rings stories climbed to 135. Seventeen stories or fifteen percent were slash. (http://www.khazaddum.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-1866-p-2.html)




2001 to 2002



  • FanFiction.Net banned all fan fiction rated NC-17 from their site. This left parts of the fannish community in turmoil as the fan fiction community has never been a cohesive group with a single group understanding. [FanFiction.Net]’s policy change said NC-17 was banned but the site took no action in defining what the difference between material rated R and NC-17 was.
  • By the end of the year of 2002, there were 8,958 Lord of the Rings stories published on FanFiction.Net. (http://www.khazaddum.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-1866-p-2.html)
  • On September 12, FanFiction.Net removes all Real Person Fic from the site.






  • These issues involved Cease and Desist letters sent by the MPAA, alleging trademark infringement on the part of sites for using their ratings system. The other issue involved German record labels sending Cease and Desist letters to sites containing lyrics. These letters requested remuneration for every song which had the lyrics listed. While no fan fiction sites were targeted, a number of archives, including FanFiction.Net, pulled all songfics in order to ensure they would not be subjected to fines.

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